The Gateway Greening Urban Farm Partners

The Gateway Greening Urban Farm is made possible through an association with the following local organizations. We would like to thank all of our partners for their hard work and support.

St. Patrick Center
The St. Patrick Center (SPC) is there for you and your family. Whether you’re just in a bad place or you’re without a home, the SPC is there for you and your family, providing jobs, housing and a chance to get through the hard times.

Food Outreach
HIV/AIDS is a horrible disease; living with it is tough and can be devastating for those affected. That’s why Food Outreach is a program designed to provide good, healthy food for people currently battling this disease.

Horstmann Brothers Landscaping
Hortsmann Brothers is a group of experts that aim to provide support to clients in the horticultural field. They offer everything from general landscaping to snow removal.

Operation Food Search
Gateway Greening is proud to work in tandem with Operation Food Search (OFS). OFS is a program that helps individuals or families with obtaining food and basic living items to help in their time of need. The program also offers workshops and youth gardens.

Missouri Department of Transportation
Not only does MoDOT provide transportation to the families of Missouri, it also owns the The Gateway Greening Urban Farm and provides donations to Gateway Greening.