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Meet the Hawthorn Children’s Hospital Student Garden

July 28, 2016

Hawthorn is a state hospital for mentally ill children. We get kids aged from 6-17 from all over the state. While the children are sick, most of the time they…  Read More

Meet the Boyle-Laclede Garden

July 18, 2016

A Place of Respite, A Place to Connect In 2010 a group of neighbors began our community garden with organizational support from Gateway Greening and with financial support from Park…  Read More

Meet the Fox Park Farm

July 18, 2016

A Green Oasis Nestled in the Urban Landscape Opening in 1991, Fox Park Farm (FPF) is one of the oldest continuously operating community gardens in the St. Louis area.  It…  Read More

Meet the House of Living Stone Community Garden

July 18, 2016

She Was Scared of Bugs When She Started I have a new gardener at the House of Living Stone Community Garden, who is so enthusiastic about her new experience in…  Read More

Nahed Chapman New American Academy International Garden

July 18, 2016

     The Journey Begins with Us My original questions was…Can we provide refugee students with information that can assist them in overcoming the unique challenges that exist in their classrooms?…  Read More