Sweet Potato Challenge

GG 1
It’s nearly that time again! Summer’s on its way, and you have to start thinking about what to plant that will survive blazing heat and infrequent watering all summer long. Tomatoes will run for the hills at the first sign of negligence. But we have a plant, and a contest, for you:

Plant sweet potatoes in your bed this May!

Gateway Greening Youth Garden leaders are eligible to participate. The first 10 gardens to sign-up can pick up 18 sweet potato slips (plants a 4×12 bed) from Bell Garden on May 14.
Participating gardeners need to take photos of the ‘before’ while you are planting, maintain during the summer, and in October, bring your kids out to harvest all those sweet potatoes. Weigh them, submit ‘after’ photos and the information to be in the running for these three categories:
Largest Harvest (Lbs.)
Weirdest Potato Shape
Largest Potato


To enter the contest, please click here.