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Order Pickup Information
Once you place your order, you will receive an email when it is ready to be picked up. Available pickup days and times are listed below.
Wednesdays, 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
Fridays, 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
Location: Carriage House, 3815 Bell Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63108

Below is a list of Gateway Greening recommended products you can purchase at the store.

Sprays By The Bottle:

  • BT Concentrate
  • Horticultural Oil
  • Insecticidal Soap
  • Liquid Copper
  • Complete Disease Control Concentrate
  • Neem Concentrate
  • Spinosad Concentrate
  • Sulfur

Fabrics By The Yard:

  • Insect Netting
  • Row Cover
  • Weed Fabric
  • Humming Line

Powders By The Ounce

  • Diatomaceous Earth
  • Green Soil Fertilizer
  • Surround Kaolin Clay
  • Whey Powder


  • Apple Maggot Traps
  • Tanglefoot
  • Japanese Beetle Lure
  • Japanese Beetle Trap

8′ Cattle Paneling



T-Post Clips

Wire Hoops

Sod Staples

Seed Packets

Local Honey

Plant Stands

Gateway Greening Merchandise

Click here to shop at the Gateway Greening Store!