Resource Links

Gateway Greening believes gardening is better when the community is involved. In this section, you’ll find many of the resources we, and other greening organizations, provide to the garden community.

Local Organizations

Litzsinger Road Ecology Center (LREC)
The LREC is an established educational site with land and facilities dedicated to promoting science, teaching, learning environmental literacy and what it takes to take care of our planet.

Slow Food St. Louis
Part of Slow Food St. Louis’ mission is to assist in the funding of school gardens in order to connect kids and educate them on the food they eat.

Maplewood-Richmond Heights’ Seed to Table
Seed to Table’s mission is to promote education, health and wellness by connecting students to nature. Maplewood-Richmond Heights’ public schools are home to this program.

The Green Center
The Green Center is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1998 to provide a natural laboratory and cultural gathering place for members of the St. Louis community. They offer an Arts & Nature Summer Camp that is open to the public, and a Science & Arts Summer Experience for youth agencies and school groups.

University of Missouri Extension
Using science and knowledge, we engage people to understand change, solve problems and make informed decisions.

The Burning Kumquat
An organic urban garden at Washington University, St. Louis, maintained by students.

Community Garden Development Resources
Youth Educational Resources

California School Garden Network 

Kids Gardening
Offers grants for our youth gardens, gives out garden curricula for schools, provides professional development workshops for teachers and ideas for family gardening.

Life Lab
A national leader in farm- and garden-based education, Life Lab promotes experiential learning for all ages. This includes children’s camps, field trips, youth and internship programs and teacher workshops.

Junior Master Gardener Program
This program is designed to allow your class or individual to become a certified “Junior Master Gardener.” Kids will get to engage activities head-on and get hands-on learning experience by involving themselves with the community, and even take on leadership roles within the gardens.

Missouri Botanical Garden School Programs and Field Trips

Nature Resources

Get Out and Play! Therapeutic Landscapes Network

Natural Learning Initiative

The Children & Nature Network

Landscape & Human Health Lab

Nature Grounds

The Sensory Trust


Therapeutic Landscapes Network

Missouri Department of Conservation
Most students who are introduced to nature end up being conservationists in some form. The “Discover Nature Schools” program gives students the opportunity to become inspired by nature, no matter their age.

Farm to School

University of Missouri’s Farm-to-School program

Agriculture in the Classroom
The aim of this program is to provide support to state programs by giving teachers the knowledge, appreciation and awareness to educate and inform their students.

California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom
A program designed to help students and teachers across California gain the knowledge to understand the benefits gardening, and agriculture, provide to our society as a whole.

Youth Garden Projects and Like-Minded Organizations
Gateway Greening Suppliers
Gateway Greening is privileged to have many long-standing relationships with local companies that have provided either repeated in-kind material donations or worked with the agency to provide consistent, quality service.  Some of our most frequent suppliers include:

Compost and mulch within St. Louis City: St. Louis City Forestry Division(See our services page for additional details.)

Landscape Assistance: Horstmann Brothers and Top Care, Inc.

Lumber: Fehlig Brothers

Plumbing and waterlines: Aries Plumbing, Inc.

Seeds: Botanical Interests and Lowes Home Improvement

Seed-starting supplies: Hummert International

Soil: St. Louis Composting

Vegetable transplants: New information coming soon!

Grant Opportunities for Community Gardens

Call for 2018 Prairie Garden Grant Proposals (Missouri Prairie Foundation)

For spring 2018, MPF would like to award at least four $500 Prairie Garden Grants to help fund the establishment of a prairie garden or planting. Gardening and conservation groups, parks, schools, and other entities are invited to submit proposals to MPF’s Prairie Garden Grant Program. Gardens must be available to the public and must incorporate native prairie species. Matching funds are not required, but proposals with secured matching funds may be evaluated higher than others. Deadline to submit proposals is March 16. Fill out the on-line form here.

Additional Resources

Gardening Safety Tips for Seniors

Getting outdoors can be difficult as you get older which is why gardening is such a great hobby to take up. Your neighborhood will look brighter with some fresh flowers and greens planted in your garden and this activity is also something you can share with your neighbors. However, did you know that getting green fingers carries some risks?

Are you protected from the chemicals in your soil and the sharp tools you may be using? Appropriate clothing is essential to protect you from these hazards. Protection from the sun is important too as you may be spending a long time outdoors. Have you considered your own health and fitness before taking up gardening? Remember that it can be a strenuous activity with lots of movement so if you suffer from health issues or mobility difficulties, you should take it slow or ask your community to help.

Take a look at the following guide to gardening safety for seniors to protect your safety while enjoying the outdoors.