Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact about using an abandoned area for a community garden?
The first step is to determine the property owner.  You can typically discover who owns a property by researching for the address through your local city or county’s assessor’s office.  If the property is in St. Louis City, you can find this information using the Address and Property Search. If the property is owned by the city’s Land Reutilization Authority, they have a Garden Lease Program, through which you can lease the land for a community garden. If the property is in St. Louis County you can use the Real Estate Information Search to research property details.

I have a donation to make (plants, garden tools etc) can someone pick them up from me?
In-kind donations of potted plants and functional garden tools are most welcome.  Ideally, donations will be delivered directly to the Carriage House at the Demonstration Garden, located at 3815 Bell, 63108, during normal hours of operation on Saturday mornings from 9:00 am-12:00 pm, March-October.  Personal appointments and pick-ups may also be arranged on a case-by-case basis by contacting the Project Manager for tool donations or plants donations.

Do you need pots or trays?
Donations of clay pots are welcome for use in youth garden activities.  Used plastic pots and trays are not needed and should be recycled through the Missouri Botanical Garden’s Plastic Pot Recycling Program.

I was at the Demonstration Garden and there was no compost/soil available, when will it be filled up again?
The residential compost and mulch bins located at the Demonstration Garden are scheduled to be filled weekly on Fridays. If the bins are not being filled, please contact the Forestry Department to fill the bins. There are also additional pick up sites located through out the city including at Carondelet Park.

What services do you provide to youth/school gardens?
To see a description of our services, please visit our Services page.

I’m working on a school project and I need info on community or school gardens? Who can I speak with regarding this or where can I find that information?
Inquiries into our garden programs may be sent to the Communications Manager.

How can I get a bed at a community garden near me?
A good first step is to explore nearby garden sites of potential interest using our map of gardens.  Once you have identified a couple sites, contact the Project Manager to request garden leader contact information and additional details.

Can you dig up my plants so I can donate them?
Plant donations are always welcome. Unfortunately, Gateway Greening does not have the staff capacity to assist with collecting individual’s plants at this point in time. Please bring your potted plant to our Carriage House location, located at 3815 Bell, 63108, during normal hours of operation on Saturday mornings from 9:00 am-12:00 pm, March-October.

When are they giving plants to community gardens?
For more information on plant distribution, please check our Services page.

I want to sign up for a workshop – what do I need to do?
Please visit our events page to learn more about upcoming workshops and corresponding registration information.