Gateway Greening’s Perfect Picks


Gateway Greening, St. Louis’ expert in community gardening, is making it easier for all of St. Louis to garden this year.

Gateway Greening has selected the perfect vegetable and herb picks for growing in the St. Louis area. What can be better than that? How about the grower, Crown Valley Organics, donating 18 cents to Gateway Greening, for every plant unit sold! These picks are proven to be the easiest to grow and produce an abundance of harvest. By shopping Gateway Greening’s Perfect Picks, you are supporting local garden centers and Gateway Greening all while turning that thumb of yours into a wonderful shade of green!

Cool Season Vegetables11073098_10152895040881647_2754786814633743275_n


Cabbage ‘Caraflex’

Chard ‘Rainbow Mix’

Collards ‘Georgia’

Kale ‘Dinosaur’

Kale ‘White Russian’

Lettuce, Buttercrunch ‘Skyphos’

Lettuce, ‘Jericho’



Warm Season Vegetables 

Eggplant ‘Black Beauty’

Eggplant ‘Fairy Tale’

Pepper, Sweet Bell ‘Olympus’

Pepper, Sweet Stuffing ‘Corno Di Toro’

Pepper, Hot Habanero ‘Magnum’

Pepper, Hot Jalapeño ‘Early’

Tomato, Medium ‘Legend’

Tomato, Cherry ‘Black Cherry’

Tomato, Large ‘Black Krim’

Tomato, Medium ‘Sunkist’

Tomato, Large ‘Dr. Wychee’s Yellow’


Culinary Herbs

Basil ‘Aroma 1’

Basil ‘Lemon’

Parsley ‘Giant Italian’


Beneficial Insect Attractors

Butterfly Milkweed


Chamomile (German)



Swamp Milkweed


Interested? You can find Gateway Greening’s Perfect Picks at the following local garden centers: