Our Core Values


We are only as strong as the ties that connect St. Louis as a community. We support the process of community building through organizing around urban agriculture, and we strengthen our relationships by treating each other with compassion and respect.

Environmental Stewardship

We are all responsible for sustaining natural resources for future generations. We practice environmental stewardship by choosing environmentally friendly practices and educating ourselves and others about ways to improve our urban environment.

Equity & Inclusivity

We foster equitable and inclusive community. We prioritize serving marginalized community members, while ensuring that our projects, partners, and staff are culturally competent and reflect and engage the diverse community that we serve.


We learn and adapt with our community. We grow our neighborhoods, our organization, and ourselves by asking meaningful questions about how we can best serve St. Louis.

Integrity & Transparency

We hold ourselves accountable to the community by ensuring that staff, partners, and community members have a clear understanding of our work and a direct say in how it is conducted. We approach each project, task, and communication with integrity and transparency.


Our work is awesome. Every day we inspire people to go outside, meet their neighbors, grow and eat healthy food, and engage with the natural world. We cultivate a collective attitude of joy around our mission and values.