Inspiring Neighborhoods and Communities

GG 23 Community Gardens

Community gardens improve the appearance of neighborhoods and inspire, educate, and reflect the pride of their participants. They come in many shapes and sizes: community vegetable gardens, tree and shrub plantings, native gardens, perennial beds, street beautification, or even innovative designs created by community groups themselves. There are over 200 of these gardens in the Gateway Greening Network.


What is a Gateway Greening Network Garden? A network garden is simply a community garden project that has completed our garden development process.

Why would a garden want to become a Gateway Greening network garden? Firstly Gateway Greening has found the steps groups go through to finish the garden development process are very beneficial to the sustainability of a community project. Secondly, network gardens are eligible for many services that non-network gardens are not eligible for including garden expansion grants, free ornamental plants, vegetable seedlings, tool loans, reduced rate for educator led classes, and an assigned staff liaison.


Benefits of a Gateway Greening Network Garden


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