Spring Expansions for Gateway Greening Gardens and Orchards are open until Saturday, February 29th.  If you are in need of new raised beds, soil, tools, or are looking adding fruit trees to your project please fill out an application and following the directions on the document on how to submit. 
To be eligible to apply your project needs:
  • To be a Gateway Greening school garden, community garden, community orchard, or school orchard (If you are unsure if your project is a network project check the Gateway Greening map or contact Gateway Greening at gardens@gatewaygreening.org or 314-588-9600)
  • Your project did not receive a Fall 2019 expansion of the same application (Example – if you received a Fall 2019 Garden expansion you will have to wait a calendar year to apply, but you can apply for an Orchard Expansion. This works the other way too if you received a Fall 2019 Orchard expansion you can apply for a Garden Expansion this spring but not an Orchard Expansion)
  • If you received a Spring 2019 Expansion you completed your required volunteer hours.  If you are unsure if you have completed your volunteer hours, email volunteer@gatewaygreening.org to double-check.
If you have any questions email gardens@gatewaygreening.org