Community Garden Contest

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Gateway Greening will launch the Community Garden Contest, open to all Gateway Greening community gardens. There will be a winning garden selected for each of the categories below. In September, the winning gardens will be featured in the St. Louis Community Garden Tour! Garden judging takes place in June. SUBMISSIONS DUE JUNE 15.

Does your garden have what it takes?



Art in the Garden

A garden that incorporates art to express itself or community identity. Examples of art in the garden may or may not thematically relate directly to gardening.


A garden that widely incorporates plantings to support biodiversity, or wildlife habitats that support a variety of species and variability within species.

Garden to be a Kid In

A garden that is inclusively designed to maximize youth engagement.

Hang Out Garden

A garden that you want to relax, kick back and socialize in.

Intensive Veggie Production

A garden that maximizes vegetable productivity using various intensive growing strategies, such as succession planting, season extension, vertical growing or square foot gardening.


To nominate your garden or a garden you think fits into the above categories, fill out the form below!


Want to volunteer to be a judge in one of the above categories? Great! Contact Annie Mayrose!