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Planting and Planning for Pollinators

March 1, 2018

Most gardeners know that encouraging pollinators is good for their growing plants, but not everyone knows that increased diversity of pollinators can mean more vegetables to harvest. One of the…  Read More

Fostering Student Ownership in the School Garden

February 16, 2018

  How do you foster a sense of student ownership and investment in their school garden? By encouraging them to be a part of the decision making process. Last week,…  Read More

Teacher Spotlight: Lauren Hollis

February 2, 2018

Interview with Lauren Hollis, a teacher at Clay Academy in St. Louis, MO., about how she personally became involved in the school’s garden.    How long have you been gardening…  Read More

Engineers at work!

Engineers in the School Garden

January 16, 2018

As the weather gets colder, time in the garden gets shorter. However, indoor lessons can still have garden connections! Throughout December, the fourth-graders at Gateway Elementary observed and measured how…  Read More

Patrick Henry Downtown Academy School Garden Expansion 2016

Teacher Spotlight: Patti Stogsdill of Patrick Henry Elementary

January 9, 2018

Interview with Patti Stogsdill, preschool teacher at Patrick Henry Elementary in St. Louis MO., about how she personally became involved with the school’s garden. How long have you been gardening…  Read More

Winter Planning: Exciting Plants to Try Next Spring

December 21, 2017

Though the 2017 growing season may be over, winter is no time to sleep on preparing for your garden. One of the most important aspects of planning for spring is…  Read More

Potato Tower Experiment

Experiments in the Demonstration Garden: Potato Towers

December 5, 2017

This blog is the third of a three-part series.   Building from Blogs After reading several gardening blogs which enthusiastically endorsed potato towers in spring but never followed up to…  Read More

45 Degree Angle Trellis Experiment

Experiments in the Demonstration Garden: 45 Degree Trellis

December 5, 2017

This is blog two of a three-part series.   One of the challenges of growing food in an urban environment is not only finding a space to start a garden,…  Read More

Experiments in the Demonstration Garden: Garden Soxx

December 5, 2017

This blog is part of a three-part series.    “I wish I could garden at home but…” One of the most common phrases I hear from volunteers helping in the Demonstration…  Read More

Urban Agriculture Challenges and Solutions: Part 3

November 30, 2017

This is the third in a series of articles about the challenges gardeners and farmers have faced while working in an urban area, as well as the solutions they have…  Read More